Rebecca Jaeger

Specialised Mental Toughness Coach

BA Social Science Sports and Performance Degree

Diploma Life Coaching

ICMI Speaker

Workshop Presenter

Suicide Survivor

ABN: 53 964 985 253




‘Rebecca developed a program delivering Interpersonal (understanding what motivates people) and Intrapersonal intelligence (the ability to operate effectively) from her personal life experiences. Rebecca now guides others to build self-preservation through learning the coping mechanisms and MT language to build emotional intelligence through her MT program.  By understanding their own behaviour, people have the leverage to react appropriately to – moods, desires, temperaments, and motives of others.’ 



The Human Race’ Mental Toughness program teaches you how to clear the FOG or the Mental Cholesterol that may be clouding your mind! Pressure, environmental stressors, study, relationship issues, and expectations can and will lead to disappointment - as they leave no room for error and fuel negative emotions. Values are the drivers for motivation and behaviour. ‘The Human Race’ concentrates on these areas so you can recognise and prevent negative behaviour and thinking.


The first part of ‘The Human Race’ focuses on the ‘SELF.’  Building, developing, creating, and acknowledging what it is - that needs attention so that the ‘Performer Self’ - can perform effortlessly on the day. Creating and changing the thought process of every individual can be powerful and so the program assists and guides you to understand how you can switch to the effective coping mechanism whilst denying your negative behaviour to rise. The second part of the program focuses on confidence, motivation, concentration, mental imagery, and the goal gauge with the time to ‘chillax.’

A person who may have FOG will have no room for -


Analytical Thinking                         






Emotional Intelligence                  

Goal setting

Problem Solving










If you want to create self-renewal with the Mental Toughness program, you can choose to embrace it through participating in proactive activities and exercises to help the process of self-evaluation. You will learn how to adopt the new positive proactive behaviour that will increase your performance each day. You will learn how to adapt and respond when out of your comfort zone and when challenged. Mental Toughness helps you create leverage to every situation because how you react - is what matters. 


Be Kind To Yourself and start creating!