Muting Ignorance was created by Rob Sneddon in 2017.  Rob was a kind and compassionate man who stood for change and creating the new culture which encouraged it. 


When we as a society allow judgment and fear to rule us – we have no hope, no faith and no belief to guide us. When we live in a world of 'judgement – how can we create a path which allows us to move forward with love – not hate.'


Rob and I went to Pendle Hill High School in NSW and we reconnected through Facebook. We spent many hours on the phone discussing the direction and platform we wanted to create. Finally, we had created The MI Show, Workshop and Program. 


Sadly, Rob Sneddon died on January 5th, 2019, playing cricket. Rob suffered from a massive heart attack - he had just turned 47 last November. We will miss him dearly and the MI Team are eager to fulfill his vision. 


Rob - we love you and miss you mate! 


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